City no more


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A Film and Soundtrack in Response to Personal Freedom

In a patriarchal society, to be young and saying no, to a binary world so many are trying to escape, showing more than just skin and butt is not safe but it is a celebration.

Documentary, Film, and Soundtrack in progress In Tbilisi Georgia, 2024

Curly Hair

Music: Frances Belser
Dancer: Clemence

We want you

Short play
Sewing: Barbara Voice / Words: Frances Belser
Kupper _ Modern Zürich

Ne touche pas

Directed: Rowena True, London
Music: Frances Belser / Yorum Vazan / Kaspar Galli
Remix: Nadine Hadorn / Frances Belser
Camera: Jan Mettler

Everybody loves me

Music / Words / Concept: Frances Belser
Painter: Barbara Bietenholz 
Location: Blauer Saal 
Supported by: Migros Kulturprozent, Pop Credit

Men want me

Concept / Storytelling: Frances Belser
Noise Guitar: Stefan Wittwer

Be all that

Music / Story: Frances Belser
Animation: Käser
Supported by: Pro Helvetia, Popkredit, Migros Kulturprozent

Any Love NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Remix: Fred Jorio
Camera: Alex Kayser

No sense in your Benz

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser NYC

Club Pyramide NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser

Queeny NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser

Club Limelight NYC

Louise Quatorz
Camera: Alex Kayser