City no more

Currently filming a documentary and composing the soundtrack in Georgia.

Georgia, 2021/2022. Political chaos and a rapidly changing social landscape compels Frances, a Swiss artist, to leave her husband’s cheese factory high up in the Georgian mountains and return to the city to join the protest. In Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, she returns to her musical career that she left in Zürich.

A series of fateful encounters, the energy of the political protest and the dramatism of these two years of panic inspires a completely new sound and unexpected collaborations.

When the war started in Ukraine she welcomes a family escaping Russia into her house in Georgia. This is an intimate and musical diary of this journey.

Curly Hair

Music: Frances Belser
Dancer: Clemence

We want you

Short play
Sewing: Barbara Voice / Words: Frances Belser
Kupper _ Modern Zürich

Ne touche pas

Directed: Rowena True, London
Music: Frances Belser / Yorum Vazan / Kaspar Galli
Remix: Nadine Hadorn / Frances Belser
Camera: Jan Mettler

Everybody loves me

Music / Words / Concept: Frances Belser
Painter: Barbara Bietenholz 
Location: Blauer Saal 
Supported by: Migros Kulturprozent, Pop Credit

Men want me

Concept / Storytelling: Frances Belser
Noise Guitar: Stefan Wittwer

Be all that

Music / Story: Frances Belser
Animation: Käser
Supported by: Pro Helvetia, Popkredit, Migros Kulturprozent

Any Love NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Remix: Fred Jorio
Camera: Alex Kayser

No sense in your Benz

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser NYC

Club Pyramide NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser

Queeny NYC

Music / Words: Frances Belser
Camera: Alex Kayser

Club Limelight NYC

Louise Quatorz
Camera: Alex Kayser