Triennial Tbilisi 2015

Manners and Customs

17 m canvas stamped with black ink

Performance / Camera / Editing: Eva Wandeler
Music / SFX / Voice: Frances Belser
Sound Engineer: Ricci @

Batumi Backyard Stories

Irma, a widow of Abkhazian war. Hopeful of finding a good husband.
Interview written on aluminum garden furniture and driving in a limo for the first time to a marriage rehearsal in a Church.

Concept: Frances Belser
Curator: Magda Guruli

CCA Tblisi 2013

Beyond or ahead of us

We focus on simple every day behavior, all can be done consciously, while coating our movements in gold. Doing so the symbolic movements makes reference to a visual language of the color. Are golden times ahead of us or behind us. In our society results are measured by time. We take our time.

Concept: Eva Wandeler
Voice / Text: Frances Belser

Kunstkammer Zürich

New Normal

Two lab workers explore and expand the promises of the pharma and food Industries called «brain food». In the digital revolution we’re halfway there. Organizations are increasingly faced with unhappy consumers and customers. They no longer tolerate limitations, in terms of pricing, timing, patience and privacy.

Camera / Editing: Franziska Koch
Concept / Text / Performance: Frances Belser
Voice over: Ana Rodan Set
Performance: Zura Macharashvili
Curator: Pascal Häusermann

CCA Tblisi 2011

Voyagers read me

The work is interactive. It embodies the ways of communication between strangers, through bodily experience. Having different perception of distance and text through the influence of binoculars.

Solo Show,
Handwriting: Ehfa Hildbrunner
Text / Concept: Frances Belser

ART Basel

feiern heisst auferstehen

«Celebrate the rising»
We connect to today’s society, globalized and creolized. In doing so we communicate with the world and reloading it back to the world.
17.3 m, 4.5 m height, 520 kg / coffin 

Text: Frances Belser
Concept: Bury the Jumbo
Curator: Marks Blond Projects

Artisterium Tbilisi 2009

The Artist turns her attention to the subject of self promotion and emphasis the style of Georgian president Sakashvili.

Text: Frances Belser
Curator: Magda Guruli

La Perla-Moda

«Our narcissism is viewable from space»
Media splash in response to UBS Banking Crash Switzerland, interested in phrasing that extends questioning the phrase.

Quote: Frances Belser
Concept: Bury the Jumbo
Sprayer: Pirmin
Curator: Ester Epstein

Kupper_Modern Zürich

Reglittering Shebel

Video stills printed on inkjet.
Quotes, stamped on wall and floor.
Quotes: Frances Belser

«Reglittering» the Book, represents my Manhattan «the never stopping creation and resilience», and the vision of Club culture during the 90s. Everything is indeed temporary.

Quotes / Pictures: Frances Belser 

Bag returned

In choosing a particular person, they selected the quote. In return I asked them to create a story and send me back a picture.

Quotes: Frances Belser